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Ukrainian School

Classes available for students ages 5-15 years 

Currently, we have 200+ students in 10 classes.

Unfortunately, due to high demand, we are unable to accept new students from outside of our church members at this time.

The goal of Ukrainian School is to preserve the native language of the student and/or their parents, learn Ukrainian culture and understand the Bible in a secondary language. Another educational task is to identify the place of the Ukrainian in American society. We educate children to understand that they need to love their new homeland, which accepted them, but at the same time to not forget the land of their parents. When these two things are combined,  Ukrainian education can be a significant contribution to American culture. 

Ukrainian School Teachers:

Yevgeni Gerasimov

Superintendent (Deacon of Children's Ministry)

Olga Borishkevich

Principal of Ukrainian School

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